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Mayukh Solutions' main focus has always been excellence in IT staffing— providing the right technical resources for your projects, when and how you need them. Mayukh Solutions has built a reputation with IT managers and executives for delivering resources both qualified and suitable for the job. Our recruiting methodology and proprietary systems enable us to match skills, experience and aptitudes while ensuring a cultural fit.

Every IT and communications manager is faced with a project that requires more than a technical professional with a specific skill set. When you require multiple people, Mayukh Solutions' offering allows you to specify requirements for all team members within one statement of work.

A Real Solution
In these exclusive engagements, we assemble the precise mix of skills, experience, and personalities it takes to complete a project. As the single source provider, we ensure rate consistency and process efficiency, ultimately delivering multiple skill sets as smoothly as delivering just one.

Now you can hire a team of technical professionals who can tackle those projects that your IT staff doesn't have time to do. The teams we deploy have enough experience to be able to take your lead and get the job done, while still reporting directly to you.

Ability to have one of the nation's largest IT staffing firms - with "and the dependability of a reliable partner

How it works
Mayukh Solutions already recruits and hires technical professionals on the basis of both technical and soft skills. With Team Services, we take this a step further by hand selecting our high performers with your requested technical abilities and proven leadership and team skills. We identify individuals whose abilities, styles, and personalities complement one another for a dynamic that creates exceptional teamwork.

With a team assembled, we put them through a comprehensive on-boarding process that delivers the team to your job site administratively ready, fully briefed on your project, and capable of taking your direction and making things happen. So you receive the cost benefits and efficiency of dealing with a single vendor and you enjoy the benefits of a highly skilled team. All of which allows you to effectively leverage your ability to execute IT projects while keeping your full-time staff focused on your business objectives.

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